Superb Owl

I’ve been feeling the urge to draw lots of owls recently, but I didn’t really know why. Meanwhile, I had planned a solo art fair type event at my house for February 11, 2024. I just wanted to give people a chance to purchase my book of love poems in person before Valentine’s Day, but wanted to make it fun with a showing of some of my previous collages and perhaps a puppet show. It wasn’t until later that I realized it was Super Bowl Sunday when my coworker mysteriously said, “Superb Owl.” Suddenly everything clicked, this was going to be a Superb Owl party! Apparently there is a history of the term Superb Owl that you can read about here. In celebration I'm creating a spinning oracle wheel behind the eyes of a large owl, or the term “augur” is perhaps more appropriate since we’re talking about birds. You ask what you are meant to see, then spin the wheel. What you see behind the owl’s eyes is your answer. Creating this was an interesting exercise in coming up with combinations of words that each work in a continuous pair, plus the math and mechanics of creating a spinning cardboard wheel.

Unfortunately, I only had three days to create this contraption after I came up with the idea due to my pet sitting commitments, but it’s happening! Instead of a puppet show we will make and play with owl puppets ourselves. While there will be fewer owl drawings than I had envisioned, there will still be a few complete with their own stories and accompanying rituals. If you will be in Seattle and want to come feel free to contact me for the address. This will be a rare chance to buy my jewelry, and a fun alternative event if sportsball isn't your thing.

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