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A new trifecta called Sparrow’s Descent is currently in the works! Follow the adventures of a golden crowned sparrow as she embarks upon a quest to find a red apple in which it is rumored the juiciest worm resides.

A trifecta is an art series, book, and puppet opera all created around the same theme. The story of Sparrow’s Descent is a parable about incarnation that follows the model of the Western Occult chakra tradition. The sparrow travels through every color of the rainbow down from purple to red as she decides to take on a body on earth for no other reason than to taste an experience unavailable in the spirit world.

The puppet opera will illustrate this journey to the music of J.S. Bach. Juliana Brandon will sing the cantata Non sa che sia dolore while puppeteering at the same time. This puppet opera is simultaneously part of a larger project called Shadow Bachs which endeavors to create a puppet show around all 9 of Bach’s solo soprano cantatas.

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